Český Krumlov, a charming medieval town, located in the meander of the Vltava River. Its historic centre, listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage site, is renowned for its winding streets, which are fringed by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses. A dominant feature of the town - the castle - built on the rock above the town is the second largest Czech building monument after Prague Castle. You will find all the information as well as the current cultural tips at the official website

Sports activities in Český Krumlov

Boat trips, bike tours, hiking trips, riding on a scooter from Kleť, horse-riding in Slupenec, tennis, golf at Svachova Lhotka, bowling, squash and fitness, volleyball courts, swimming pool, catamarans on the Lipno Lake, guided tours. If you don't feel like doing any sports and you want to get to know and experience the atmosphere of Český Krumlov in depth, we recommend that you use the services of local guides who will show you the town from many interesting perspectives.

Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau

Hluboká Chateau - one of the most magical castles and chateaux of the Czech Republic. The Hluboká château was initially built as a royal castle along with the town of České Budějovice situated nearby by the Bohemian king Ottokar II of Bohemia in the 13th century. Its Neo-Gothic look, admired nowadays by visitors, dates from 1871 after the entire renovation of the castle by the Schwarzenbergs. The château is surrounded by a charming English park. The former riding school was transformed into the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery where you can admire original collections from renowned painters. Ohrada Hunting Lodge with the Museum of forestry and the ZOO is part of the château compound.


This picturesque spa town is located on the banks of a South Bohemian pond called “Svět”. In the heart of the urban conservation area you can enjoy a lovely walk in an oblong square, admire the Town Hall and a number of town houses. The fortification is well preserved with its bastions. The castle and large park are situated in the town centre.

Jindřichův Hradec

The city of Jindřichův Hradec is situated on the fifteenth meridian that crosses the parish church of the Assumption with an adjacent high tower in the historical heart of the city. The biggest attractions of the town include the Gothic castle, Renaissance castle and the Vajgar Pond, a number of sacred monuments and the world famous narrow-gauge railway.

Rožmberk nad Vltavou

This castle, dating back to the mid-13th century, is one of the oldest of the Witigonen castles. It is a compound originally featuring two Rosenberg castles. You can visit the castle´s chambers and admire the valuable collection of paintings, weapons, furniture and glass. You should not miss the portrait of the White Lady of Rosenberg in the Rosenberg Hall, whose spirit appears from time to time according to legend.

Vyšší Brod

he Cistercian Monastery of Vyšší Brod is a precious jewel of the Gothic architecture washed up on the banks of the Vltava River in the middle of the magic Bohemian Forest. Tourists can admire the exceptionally preserved Gothic core of the monastery from the inside and outside and also Baroque and Classicist buildings around it, where it is also possible to visit the Czech Post Office Museum.

Zlatá Koruna

The foundation of the Zlatá Koruna monastery is connected with an effort of Ottokar II of Bohemia to create a steady base on the border of the domains of the Witigon family.  He donated to the convent one of the greatest valuables he owned - a thorn from the Crown of Christ - offered to him by Ludwig IX, known as Saint Louis. The site was named after this relic - i.e. Sancta Corona.


Holašovice is certainly the most well-known Bohemian village, sought after for its folk Baroque. Thanks to its preserved buildings, the village was listed in UNESCO. The biggest advantage of this village consists in its pure architectural style with no interference from modern buildings on the village square. The particular architectural style of Holašovice features gates above the door and usually not over- decorated gables.


The region of Lake Lipno is a unique combination of beautiful, wild and untouched nature with a wealth of historical and technical monuments, wide range of sports and cultural activities both in summer and in winter, with an extensive range of ancillary services.